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Wow - WHAT a SHOW!

I re-created my ENTIRE booth this year & it turned out GREAT! I drew this up on a scratch piece of paper and had my husband build away - a couple of my closer friends came over to help me create the floral arrangement for the top (thanks guys)! There were a few minor tweaks we had to make for sturdiness, but BAM we made it and it was STUNNING! The Boho-Modern Vibe was a huge hit and was loved by many brides! I met some WONDERFUL new ladies and can't wait to see what 2022 and 2023 brides bring! Weddings are back in full swing & since the show its been full force bookings - so LETS DO THIS!

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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

What a CRAZY weekend it has been. I did my 3rd January Bridal Show and it was a whirlwind of emotions! I have SO many wonderful potential brides to work with in the near future. Showed off some of my newest work, which got a TON of great feedback. Let's make some even better images in 2019. Cheers!

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